Thursday, November 11, 2021

Really Surprised

Every once in a while in this twenty-year Valentino saga, I have been thrilled to feel a little smart ass. Sorry for a moment of gloating, but once upon a time Bill Self brought out the picture below to ask me if I knew who the man was with Natacha Rambova and Teresa Werner.

I was surprised he did not know. Really surprised. "Bill... that is Manuel Reachi," I told him. He asked, "Who?" The man who owned it all, knew them all and made it his point to think he knew all... did not know who Manuel Reachi was. 

Well one moment for me I guess, but I found Mr. Reachi an interesting character and wrote about him and his bid to unseat Ullman as Valentino's manager in Affairs Valentino. Not a nice guy really as far as Agnes Ayres was concerned. But he assumed some fictional role when Bret launched his, "every man in Valentino's life was a secret gay lover" hoax. 

Reachi was a playboy, a womanizer and an extravagant hanger-on I allege. Maybe you all know more you can share on this.