Thursday, November 4, 2021

The Currency for Favors

This little mention (see below) appeared in The Los Angeles Times on August 28, 1927. So a Max Autrey bought it from the person who bought it at the auction. I wonder what happened to the images he found in Rudy's camera. It seems every time I mention some article sold at auction which once belonged to Rudolph Valentino, I hear some ridiculous diatribe from the "Magus of the Cult of Terhune" how Ullman stole it, tossed it in his trunk when Alberto was not looking and then sold it 30 years later for a twenty dollar bill.

Perhaps he can offer something interesting and less vicious about this camera. Perhaps he can share something that is not posted with every intent to inflict harm...on someone. 

I do know that the Alberto Valentino family and the collectors who affiliate with them, use photographs of Valentino which are yet to be public as currency for favors. 

The enticement of a rare photo of the man is enough to keep a spy loyal. And no greater reward for a favor than a heart stopping picture of Valentino no one else has yet to see. I think there are many, many images we have yet to see which are being hoarded and parsed out. A bit more on Max Munn Autrey, who bought the camera... can be found here: