Wednesday, November 3, 2021

One Key Word

A follow-up note on the previous discussion about the reasons for Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova's separation. This excerpt is taken from a longer article appearing in The New York Times on November 11, 1925, titled, "Valentino Seeks Citizenship Here". Natacha includes one key word, "yet". She refers to the subject of having children as something she would not do "yet". This implies she might have.

I doubt it for some reasons. In the 1940's, her second husband, Alvaro de Ursaiz was granted an annulment from Natacha on the grounds she married him without intentions to bear his children. Here, in 1925, it appears she was still open to the idea because she was not ready, "yet". 

The quote reads: " It is all very well to have and rear children but no woman should embark upon this phase of life until she is prepared to give up everything for the children. That I will not do yet."