Saturday, October 30, 2021

Calling Out Those Villains One More Time

A passage (following) from A Curious Life, by Natacha's friend George Wehner, who was with her when she received news of Rudolph Valentino's death. 

"...Natacha was prostrated by the news. Those who fancy this much misunderstood child to be cold and indifferent should have seen her as I saw her then. Her genuine grief proved her great love for Rudy and her remorse at their misunderstandings and mistakes was heart-breaking to see. I am convinced from my closeness to the true facts surrounding these romantic figures and regardless of what others might say, that Rudy was and ever will be the one real love of Natacha Rambova's earth-life.

I was happy that these two children of the limelight had been reconciled by their exchange of cables before death had stepped in. It made the final separation easier and Rudy made the Great-Change with Natacha's cable under his pillow...." 


A reader of this blog commented about the “villains” of Rudolph Valentino's life. I have said many times that I discovered the villain's in his story as they presented themselves. Characters emerged to take their place in the Valentino narrative and the documentation defined their roles as hero or villain.

One of the more interesting and heroic characters in the story was George Wehner, psychic, deep trance medium and Natacha Rambova's guide, if you will, in the days just prior to and after Valentino's death. Wehner infamously predicted Valentino's death.

He was with Natacha at the Hudnut chateau when she received word of Rudy's passing and wrote the above passage. His account was supported by Baltasar Cue in The True Rudolph Valentino. Cue also relates how Rudy and Natacha reconciled and he died with her cablegrams under his pillow. 

Villains and heroes? Imo I think the worst arch villains of Valentino's story exist today, those who misrepresent and do all they can to act in such deplorable ways and perpetuate a warped version of the actual events. How ridiculous to suggest Rudy and Natacha were anything but passionate lovers. Their suffering and anguish was played out publicly and little doubt remains as to the pain or their separation.

Rudolph Valentino loved Natacha Rambova and she in turn loved him. I think Wehner's passage stands as truthful defiance of all the insults belittling their true love.

When Wehner was traveling with Natacha, he was young, handsome, suave and had a quirky passion for cowboy accessories; bolo ties, cowboy boots and western jewelry. Wehner was gay and remarkably open about it for the day. He lived with his lover Alex Rotov, who was also a friend of Natacha. Rotov was a Russian ballet notable with a long career in the arts. I shared some of Alex and George Wehner's story in Astral Affairs Rambova.

The villains continue to sling their mud, at me, at Renato, at all of you, at Valentino, Rambova, Ullman, Mennillo...the list goes on and on.... but I call them out again in regards to Natacha Rambova by giving a nod to the lovely and very fascinating Mr. Wehner.