Saturday, March 18, 2023

Called Out By Everyone

I could post every wicked thing Terhune ever said about my beautiful husband Renato. Not wasting a minute of my life on that. But I do have a mountain of Terhune's vile spewings. Imagine anyone mocking Renato, tearing his epic soul down, demeaning his honorable and valiant work in the name of Valentino? And imagine that person who orchestrated that barbaric behavior to be the one person who considers himself the "King of Valentino"? What a sick joke. 

I rise to call him out again and again in his pathetic gaslighting... hoping the world will see it all his way. But facts are facts and Renato and I never ran a blog under the title of his book, where we posted as him, and ran sick narratives about Satan and lies about him for years on end. 

What will justice be? I will envision it now... exacted on the King of the Haters, the King of the Lies...will he be wearing the sack cloth... being banned from ever visiting Valentino's tomb? Called out for exactly who he really is and by everyone.

The beauty and love Renato brought to his Valentino work shines through it all and always will. He endures. The tawdry Terhune in his banal weakness is vastly and further diminished in Renato's absence. 

Renato's force is multiplied infinitely and driving me on to JUSTICE.

Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum.