Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Book

I first posted this image some fifteen years ago... "The book" obviously was Affairs Valentino. I had a literary agent way back when who told me that some books have a "fated journey" and I think that could well be said about Affairs Valentino

I always knew it would generate discussion but never in my wildest dreams did I fathom the degree of resistance and uproar/furor it caused. It still blows my mind. Those who were exposed for their behavior in the book did not take it so well and instead of blowing it off and moving on, they devoted themselves to trying to ruin the book, me and my dear husband Renato Floris.

They failed. What I wrote in the book has and still is being proven to be true. Their sad claims it is all fiction fool and fooled no one who has ever read the book. Logic and sources trump their gaslighting BS. 

Perhaps Tracy Terhune is still laboring to portray Renato and I as exactly what he is but I do not know. I quit reading their feasts of insults served up here and there. I guess Renato and I just flew too high for their puny barbs to reach us.

Affairs Valentino is still a good read imo and has stood the test of time.