Sunday, March 19, 2023

It is a Very Big Deal

Where is the shame in the Valentino world that they tolerate the abusive actions spearheaded towards Renato and I from Tracy Terhune? Must I continue to point it out? 

I know Terhune has some litany of perceived insults from comments previously left on this blog and by people who are fed up, disgusted and full of angst about it. But his grasping gaslighting fools no one who sees the entire picture. 

I guess it is tolerated because they believe his propaganda and do not think it is such a big deal. It is a big deal as he baits his surrogate loyalists into doing his bidding. Does he think this is not something I can prove. Hardly....he knows the horrors he committed over the past 12 years. It is no secret he has us banned on his Facebook groups and that his surrogates post shitty one star smack downs on all of our books and with glee. Mindlessly pleasing the leader is their modus operandi. 

Renato worked tirelessly to produce his perfect books, full of ground-breaking new research, discoveries about Rudolph Valentino's life which were documented, fascinating and presented with a mind-blowing clarity and brilliance of mind. 

Did he receive the kudos of Terhune for his efforts? Was Renato embraced and praised? No he was not. Terhune mocked him mercilessly for years, tick-tock referenced his old age with jokes about sipping Ensure, saying no one would miss him when he was gone. Well fact... everyone Renato knew misses him with all their hearts.

So what now I ask Tracy Terhune? What now in the wake of Renato's tragic passing? Do you continue in your idiotic shunning, your insults and filth? Or do you grovel an apology issued too late? 

And why is there a single person in the Valentino world who still finds a way to respect the emcee after all he did to Renato?

Is this a threat? It is... a threat of justice long, long over due. 

Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum.