Sunday, April 3, 2022

The Absolute Validity of "The True Rudolph Valentino"

Within two days of our publication of Renato's translation of Baltasar Cue's book, The True Rudolph Valentino, Tracy Terhune did what he does with all of our books. He posted his maximum, mean-spirited and irrational trashing on the blog he runs, and has run since 2012, under the title of my book Affairs Valentino. Whenever we publish a book, Tracy Terhune hurries to get some bad commentary about it online as fast as he possibly can. He uses our new books to bully us even more, i.e. the following clips are taken from his post on Baltasar Cue's book:

Terhune could not be more wrong about any of that and he also made an error calling the title, "The True Story, etc." But the real issue is that he called the Cue manuscript "fiction". The Cue work was referenced in the PhD dissertation of Jeanine Villalobos and I cite the audio (see link below) of me reading the excerpt. For now this is a share only link. 

Tracy Terhune has recently made it known he is an avid reader of this blog. So I share this for his knowledge and I think a retraction is in order. I also hope he notices that this blog is not being run under the title of his book. But I have thought of doing that. What's fair is fair. 

"Regarding, The True Rudolph Valentino", please listen here: