Friday, April 15, 2022

Wide of the Mark

I sit here thinking what kind of people are these, these haters?  Who talks to people like they talk to me in the depraved and mean comments they send in. They know I read a few lines before I realize who they are.

I used to say it is like shooting someone in the legs and then laughing how they cant dance. And then ten years later they are still mocking me for limping. Sick people.

I completely and 100% boycott Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget Facebook groups because they are run by those  who mock me, demean us and demonstrate their no class selves over and over.

This is not a Facebook group, not a chat room, it is my personal blog. I was accused of having no “diversity” here because I do not approve their sick comments? Haters do not qualify as anything that could possibly create diversity.

The one thing that strikes me the most reading their vicious comments, is that they lack any pride. No one with an ounce of pride would spend time putting someone down like that and for so long.

We have an enormous pride and have fought hard to make that pride shine through in our work. I think it really does.

So diversity? If they mean hijack my blog to run their hateful false narrative about me, about Renato, about Valentino, Rambova, Ullman, Mennillo, et al, then they are wide, wide of the mark. It is never going to happen. 

Their tragically brainwashed insults do not constitute diverse anything. This is my voice.