Friday, April 29, 2022


It is interesting to me that the trolls most often accuse me of posing as someone else... which they routinely do. It is interesting to me that they claim I lie at all... which they routinely do.

For the record one more time.... if I comment here it will be under my name. And I have never had a reason to lie.

But they know I am not lying and never have. For that is the true reason they are so vexed. So mean and bitchy. They know I am telling the gospel truth.

I told the truth in Affairs Valentino and in every book since then and now in Norma.

I still can scarcely believe that Norma is being shared. It was hard to keep her story quiet it was at times so sensational. Those who spit their venom at her story to get at me... well I feel sorry for them in this case. She deserves all good things... dear woman my god.

Regarding the Naldi incident. Norma's son first told me that and said the “leading lady” of the movie assaulted his mother. Sally would identify “Leading woman” as Naldi. But between my phone calls with Roger and Sally, I had to think... Gertrude Olmstead or Nita Naldi? That was a no-brainer. 

And I footnoted the articles I cited and sourced about Naldi and her pride in pummeling. It is all there.

I had to track down the Studio Club information for them, and found that all so fascinating. And yes Norma told her children that in the Studio Club, a pre-Joan Crawford was “pretty much a whore”.

I am happy the books are starting to arrive and that Norma's life story will be known. I did all I could to do it every justice.

My favorite moment? When Sally told me offhand the details of the fate of her mother's framed Rudolph Valentino portrait. I did not see that one coming.

 There are lessons to be learned from Norma's life. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out. A goddess.