Tuesday, April 26, 2022

After the "...thrills of Broadway"

Norma Niblock returned home to Toronto in December of 1923, a few weeks after her win in Madison Square Garden. She arrived an international star, with managers and a sizable entourage. The change in her family dynamic would be drastic as I explain in the book. 

She was then receiving thousands of fan letters from all over the world. Her father burned most of them, feeling she was not mature enough to receive so many marriage proposals. A few of the fan letters were salvaged and these appear in the book as images and translations. 

Here, from her scrapbook, the local press reports on her homecoming. She was not sixteen at the time and actually about a month away from her sixteenth birthday. 


  1. Norma Niblock certainly does not appear to be 15 years old. She looks very sophisticated for her age. It is also interesting that Miss Los Angeles already had 4 years of being in the movies under her belt. Miss LA seems rather bold in the 88 Beauties film and, in one scene, appears to have been spontaneously caught unaware as she converses and takes the card of an unknown gentleman.

  2. Norma certainly made a favorable impression on those who met her. I agree with Comment 10:50. She looks like a young modern woman of the 1920s, not a 15 year old girl.

  3. She was young, but was self contained and had poise.Add intelligence and beauty and you get a spectacular woman.

    1. She was a worldly young lady having traveled with her family to Italy, France, England. She also visited Los Angeles and all of the Canadian provinces. I think at that time it was not so usual to take children on world vacations and adventures.