Saturday, April 9, 2022

"As I Remember..."

This e-mail (see below) Michael Morris wrote to me in 2003 when I was working on Affairs Valentino. He laments never being allowed to see Natacha's letters which Bill Self then had. But his commentary is valuable because I think it is never really discussed that he was criticized for Madam Valentino. "The whole world seems to disagree with me", he writes. 



  1. Thank you Michael Morris....TRUTH !!!!

  2. It's amazing, no matter how many times we read confirmation of the close relationship between Ms. Zumaya and Michael Morris, the squawking continues from the crones and goobers who reek of jealousy and mediocrity.

    It's a shame Michael Morris did not have access to the material referenced in this email for his book.

    1. I would guess because then Michael would have cited them in the book to Self. Maybe Self did not want to be owner of the letters on paper. I think they could originally have been in those wicker baskets of Valentino documents which were stolen from George Ullman's garage. It was cruel not to share the letters with Michael.