Tuesday, April 5, 2022

A Response from Renato Floris

Sometimes, reading the delusions written about us which good Samaritans often send our way, it seems I am living in an episode of Twilight Zone, perhaps with Jean Guglielmi Valentino as a sound engineer. Yes, I read and I am amazed, actually less and less, when I read statements such as:

“Gladiolo”, as the porn fiction writer calls me, so he can mock a photo of me with some gladioli.

I am amazed when I read his claiming I did not receive the texts of Florey's “Inoubliable, Inoublié” etc., etc., from the BNF (The Biblioteque Nationale de France). That is a lie.  Of course I did. What does this villain know about what I do and, above all, how I do it? If I state I received Florey's manuscript from BNF, it is because I did. I respond to being called a liar, by saying I never lie. I do not need to.

This same villain goes on to claim that Valentino's venereal disease was invented by Evelyn. He fails to mention that if the disease was really invented, it was by Valentino himself. At the age of fifteen, he wrote to a friend how he had a venereal disease he caught from Taranto prostitutes and went on to write he was suffering a great deal from it.

Following the villain's claim this was a lie, was Valentino lying? Was his brother Alberto lying when he told this to William Self, who reported it to Evelyn? According to the villain, maybe Jeanine Villalobos is also a liar because she talks about it extensively in her doctoral thesis.

But he is not alone in this kind of demented delirium as there are other characters joining in also worthy of a Luis Buñuel film.

Just to give an example, I quote what was written by another wicked creature who seems to only find peace trying in every way possible to harm us. I do not need to even name this person because to those who frequent this blog, she is easily identifiable. I quote a significant passage from this lunatic's delusions:

And what about this sarcophagus story? · Who really believes that Evelyn discovered all this? Just because she brought it out after decades means nothing.”

Evelyn did discover the sarcophagus and it is a fascinating piece of Valentino's history, which is documented by e-mails and photographs. Again we do not lie because we do not have to. And, in another post she states the following:

When the initial printing of 'Affairs Valentino' was published, I had already been talking with certain parties of like mind to get this book removed from the bookshelves. We were successful in Europe and in the United States. The reason that I participated in this effort was simple, in my mind. The book was a book of lies. I felt it contained forgeries and false information. I felt it contained misleading information, which may have had truth to it but was twisted in such a way that it made Rudy's life into a lie. I felt that Zumaya had already obsessively sensationalized Rudy's sex life. And that was before Zumaya got started on Natacha.”

This is an admission by this person, that they willfully impeded and impede our right to conduct a fair business. An admission of guilt. And Evelyn did not sensationalize Valentino's sex life and did not twist her documentation into lies. She did not forge documents and this is defamation to say so. It is incredible this lunatic admits to participating in having Evelyn's fine effort, Affairs Valentino, removed from sale.  

And then the wicked lunatic proudly reaffirms:

So yes, I did play a part in having the first 'Affairs Valentino · removed from the bookstores, but it had nothing to do with money as far as I was concerned. In my mind, if a book is written and it is fiction, it should state that and not mislead the readers to think it is a true-life story. Evelyn did not do that. She presented the book as Rudy's true life story.”

As Michael Morris wrote, “Affairs Valentino is the most well-written and best researched book on Valentino.” It is not fiction and Evelyn sourced her work to some 40 pages of citations so anyone can check the story. 

Evelyn presented Affairs Valentino based solely on what she discovered and what she verified about the story of Valentino. She worked years to find those court records and other archives to document her statements.

I advise this vicious, delusional person to go easy on prejudice and check her facts before going on the attack just to harm a person whose words she does not agree with and a person she has a personal vendetta against. This behavior is very criminal IMO.

I add that neither Evelyn or I lie, because we have no need or reason to.