Saturday, April 9, 2022

Renato's Rebuke - 1

From Tracy Terhune's pulpit of hatred, another sermon is delivered! Tracy Ryan Terhune pontificates again from the pulpit of his hate filled blog which he snatched from Evelyn Zumaya long ago. And this sermon of hate he presents as a fun hate game which is both banal and infantile.

He painstakingly constructed a pie chart wheel, which reminds me of the games we played as teenagers called spin the empty bottle. When it stopped in front of someone, whoever spun the bottle, had to kiss them.

Tracy in his signature, childish way and utilizing his years of personal experience hating, achieves something rather incredible with his little game. He manages to identify, himself, the very people who force us to defend ourselves from their abuse. There they are on the sections of his pie, his Valentino Studies Community, his “team”, his obedient following; our well known detractors.

Now they call themselves collectively the “Valentino Studies Community” and according to Terhune... they now constitute a “Wheel of Hate”. The people he names publicly are those from whom we must continually and energetically defend ourselves. But we do not hate and in defending ourselves we are in fact responding to an enormous body of hate from Terhune and his pie chart slices.

The palmares of hatred of course must go to Tracy Ryan Terhune. This for his years of rancorous hatred of all things Zumaya, Floris and Affairs Valentino which is supported by years of screenshots of the blog he runs so very determined in his hatred.

According to his little wheel of hatred, Evelyn and I hate an unspecified Valentino Facebook group. Nothing could be more incorrect. This because most of the groups he has subjugated, know little about us because our books are on the list of prohibited books and woe to anyone just mentioning them. This could bring about Terhune's hateful deletion of a member. We do not hate the group or any group, we respond to his hateful behavior.

Then, in Tracy's wheel, we see he has identified the name of Donna Hill, the secret priestess of hatred towards us. I say secret because she carefully remains in the shadows of Terhune's efforts. She is the lady with kind and refined ways who, instead of responding to my sincere message to her, threw it over to Tracy Terhune who added his insults to his already heavy insults against us. I can confirm we don't hate Donna Hill as we don't hate any of the other characters or groups of characters on Tracy Terhune's little spinning wheel.

We have never hated Alberto Guglielmi as we have never had cause for hatred. We reported the documentation and history as we discovered it. Our defending ourselves and our work from the barbaric actions of these people over so many years is just that. Defending ourselves is not hatred.

Posting hateful messages and images on a blog under the name of Evelyn's book is hatred. Maybe Terhune can notice that this blog is proudly managed under her own name and not the title of his book. Anything he posts on that blog is hatred by its history and obvious intent.

Tracy, with his wheel of hate, has really revealed the names of the participants of his "hate team", the ones who for too many years have besieged us with real broadsides of gall from which we can and must only defend ourselves.

We never hate these people, because hate is an emotion and they only deserve our indifference and necessary rebuke.


  1. Childish indeed!

  2. Sounds like the Valentino Studies Community is run by a whiny little sandbox tyrant. How pleased this dweeb must be with himself after coming up with a spin the wheel motif! So original and creative. We can only anticipate Poindexter using this very same idea at the next Memorial. Meanwhile, if I want to continue to read new material about Valentino, I'll stick with Ms. Zumaya's blog along with the other adults. Mr. Floris is right. I refuse to waste on ounce of emotion on the dorks and dragons of the VSC.

  3. I want to thank everyone with critical and open minds, who read our books and encourage us with supportive and appreciative commentary. While the “team” has done their best to smear our names, most people see through their jealousy and are certainly recognizing who are the villains. It is very much run by a "sandbox tyrant" and his tragically obedient sycophants.

  4. "Sandbox tyrant" now that is a fitting term for someone who is jealous, insecure and miserable, a team to do his dirty work for him. A person who is kind to some and cruel to others is NOT a kind person at all! Terhune has shown his true colors to everyone.

    1. I don't think he has shown his true colors to many people. He hides his efforts to destroy people he perceives as an enemy. Part of this entire situation is that people can scarcely believe what we are saying. More people need to see what he is doing in his shadows.

  5. Never give up and never give in.