Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Sorry Ed Russo

I am not sure how I missed this book, (see cover below), but how is this possible? Seems to be a complete lift of Ms. Leider's Dark Lover, cover, title and all, only with Valentino an insatiable vampire. 

As I have made it very clear, I am not a fan of fictionalizing the lives of actual people. It confuses things and Valentino is a perfect example of that. And this is vampire fiction, which worsens the offense for me.  From the few pages posted on the book's Amazon page, we see that Rambova procures the victims for Valentino/the Vampire.  

I am sorry Ed Russo but the writing is very bad/actually awful. And would Ms. Leider not be entitled to a quick and substantial reward for such ham-fisted plagiarism?