Monday, April 18, 2022

Grace Eline

Grace Eline is another Rudolph Valentino side story lady and one with a connection to Mary Miles Minter. Grace Eline tells the story how the inspiration for her and her sister to go into movies was Mary M. Minter, who then lived in the same apartment house.

Grace Eline reports on her studio reference card (see below) that she danced with Rudolph Valentino, 1915-1916. There are some real discrepancies between her studio profile card and her extensive bio which you can find through the link below.

Grace Eline's studio card:


  1. So she danced with Valentino at the age of 12 and 13? Not buying it, Grace! These actresses assumed that no one can do math.

    1. I notice the difference between the card and her bio is 5 years re: birthdate. Bio says she was born in 1898. That would make her a few years older. Who knows.

    2. Perhaps she danced with him once at an event, but she is implying in her bio she was a professional dancing partner. Excellent resume enhancer, though. I will give her that!

    3. So much of that was possible then. Who would ever have bothered to cross-check items like that? It would have been almost impossible.