Friday, April 22, 2022

She Was Noticed

Everyone who knew Norma throughout her life commented on her beauty and notable presence. Her daughter Sally recalls how even in her later years when her mother entered a room or a restaurant, people stopped and stared; she was noticed. (A comment was just made about her "luminosity" which is the perfect word) I think it is obvious she was proud of her title of Rudolph Valentino's beauty queen despite the many set backs she experienced. 

She seemed to face every challenge with great strength and courage and aplomb. There was only one event from which she would not recover; the death of her beloved Holland.

She did receive notoriety for her Valentino connection over the years and as tempting as it is I will not spoil the story. Here, in this image she is with Holland, and her two babies who worked so very hard with me this past year to tell the true story. 

The woman seated behind Norma is an unnamed friend. This photo was taken in 1931.