Saturday, April 16, 2022

Not Reading It

I share the following screenshot to let “Ms. Cindy Martin” know I do not read her comments. I am sure she sends plenty of the hate comments as “Anonymous” which are fired my way but these will stand unopened. I will always defend myself, my dear husband Renato and our work and in light of all the abject lies “she” has posted online and does today and everyday, I will not allow her poison a second's time in our home. And to her loyal defender of her tremendous bullying of us online, "Dallas", I say do not waste your time accusing me of bullying her. My defending myself here against her lies and continued harassment is not bullying. Not at all.

There is a point where the evils committed against me by “Martin” far exceed any hope of reconciliation. I thought on a few occasions she might have realized the harm she does to us but the apologies she wrote to us privately were never shared publicly by her. She attempts to do even worse to us now.

I am not sure why this “person” feels such hatred for me personally. I have never met her and feel my doubts about her true identity are justified considering her claims she was instrumental in having our books removed from sale in 2011. I knew the cast of characters only too well back in that day there was no “Cindy Martin”.

I was almost fooled a few times but no more. If she has something helpful to say she can post it publicly on those two Facebook groups. For today, if she knocked on our front door with a million dollar check, I would still slam the door in her face. Enough is enough. Her comments remain unopened. Not reading it.