Sunday, May 1, 2022

Norma's Light

I like to focus on the heroes of the Valentino world. Perhaps because I am more drawn to the lighter side of life. I am too sensitive for anything else. 

Norma Niblock, Heroine and Leonard De Fonte Hero...two icons whose lives were directly impacted by Rudolph Valentino. George Ullman, Natacha Rambova, Frank Mennillo; hero stories imo. They were all honest, truthful and serious people.

I will stay with the truthful heroes and their high integrity and do my best to keep all things shiny; especially Norma's lustre. Sally told me once that her mother had beautiful skin saying, "It was like ivory." So time to focus on the light and on Norma. Cin! Cin! to the heroes!


  1. Is this lovely photo in the book ?

    1. Yes! I wanted to include as much of her archive of photos as possible. These were taken by the Witzel Studio in Los Angeles in 1926, when Norma was back in Los Angeles and hoping for a screen career.

  2. Stunning photograph! I have to say she reminds me of Marian Benda in this photograph.

  3. What a beautiful woman! Valentino sure could pick them!

  4. I want to add another hero to your already stellar list: Douglas Gerrard, perhaps Valentino's greatest friend, a man who stayed in the shadows while Valentino dazzled, but was always there when needed.

  5. How beautiful and resplendent she is. Head and shoulders above the rabid Naldi. Valentino indeed had a unerring eye.

  6. There are more lovely photos of Norma Niblock in the book. She was truly an exquisite beauty.