Monday, May 9, 2022

A Word to the Brainwashed

I would ask those who feel compelled to send in comments that are mean-spirited, know-it-all nonsense... this question. If you feel I am so inept and bad at what I do, then why do you spend all day and night glued to this blog? May I suggest you go find some more pleasant activity?

I do not need your patronizing lectures about how the Valentino marriage was “arranged”. How utterly ill-informed is that? That is dark ages material at this point. I do not need to be taught about copyrights, cut and paste and how to improve my colorizing. Especially from you folks.

You... who wholeheartedly reject and censor all of our hard work, our efforts and yet watch us all day long picking at us non-stop. Today Renato made a comment. He said, “Your blog is not a spittoon.”

Some one of you today wrote something about your decades of Valentino study. I ask when did that begin and end? I assume it ended long before Renato and I came along because you are not studying so hard now. Your main effort seems to be doing all you can to bury everything we do.

So save your time with your fake magnanimity, because I reject your continued bullying, your patronizing conceit and your comments dripping in malice. I do not need your help and I think if you take a tiny step back you will see that the opposite is true.

You present yourselves as if you are the authorities with your very transparent offers to “dialogue”? How would that be a thing when nothing has changed? Let me be the first to tell you... that there is life outside of bullying Evelyn and Renato Floris.  Maybe look into that.