Thursday, May 5, 2022

Here's To Better Days Ahead

In regards to the comments being hidden on this blog, I say the following. Over the past months, the same people who have spent their days insulting us for years on end, discovered they could send in comments to me here, most of them as “anonymous”.

I have always understood why readers of this blog send in comments as “anonymous” because the moment their names are public, they come under the same type of online and vicious attacks as Renato and I do.

In order to decipher which comments are legitimate, I have to read all of the hate comments sent to disturb, insult and offend us.

I say directly that they are not “legitimate” comments because I have heard it all for years. I know who is writing it to me and their purpose is to hijack the honest dialogues on this blog to “stir the pot” as someone called it. I say they are sent in to push the pot over.

It is not that I am a “coward” as I was called by Ms. Cindy Martin for not publishing their comments. It is that I am just the opposite. How strong Renato and I are to even be functioning at this point after the 12 years and counting of these people's horrendous abuse.

For months, their comments have been dismissed by yours truly and most all have ended up in the trash file. But on blogger, there is an interface, as a record of all comments I have not approved, “Awaiting Moderation” and many of them have ended up there. As of today I have 487 of their comments.

This is not a Facebook group and is my private blog. Both Renato and I welcome and really enjoy honest, respectful dialogue and I think honest people know that. But I will not allow these trolls to use my blog as their platform to abuse us.

I make the following statement based on the history of these people and their all too familiar taglines. It makes no difference whether the authors of these comments are two of these people or one or all, this has been their familiar, collective campaign against us for many years. These people are no longer so mysterious and although they have used aliases and anonymous to force me to read their comments, they are: Cindy Martin/Donna Hill/Mary O'Bannon, Tracy Ryan Terhune, David Bret/Albert Morris/etc., Simon Constable/Etienne, etc.,/Eleanor Gribbin.

Here follows a few comments sent in for publication which I grabbed out of the “awaiting moderation” file today.