Friday, May 6, 2022

A Day in Castellaneta

In 2014, Renato and I traveled south to Castellaneta from Turin to meet our host Aurelio Miccoli who gave us a fabulous tour of the city. His knowledge of the history of Castellaneta and Rudolph Valentino’s childhood was exceptional and we learned so much that magical day.

I recall my dominant thought that day being one of amazement that Rudolph Valentino could come from such a far off corner of the world to find his incredible success in Hollywood. Even in 2014 it was an arduous trek and somewhat off the path as the saying goes.

On this celebration of the birth of Rudolph Valentino, I share a few pictures of us in front of Valentino’s birthplace and I credit all the photos to Aurelio Miccoli.

The room where Rudolph Valentino was born on May 6, 1895... 125 years ago today.

A wider vantage point of Valentino's birthplace

Renato and I with the pups before the birthplace of Valentino

Renato with Professor Aurelio Miccoli

Renato Floris and Aurelio Miccoli - Rudolph Valentino Italian Scholars at the Convent di San Francesco