Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Cin! Cin!

How much is owed to George Ullman for the very existence of the Mineralava Tour, the pageant and for getting Valentino's career and life back on track in the summer of 1923. There are so many instances where his genius shines through; the contracts, the settlement of the strike, the direction Valentino took, the solace Valentino found in Ullman's friendship and partnership. 

I have not paid tribute to George Ullman in a while and considering all that happened to him for his devotion to Rudolph Valentino, it is something I should do more often.

Ullman writes about running into Norma Niblock at the Farmer's Market in the mid forties. Were they friends after this encounter? Find the answer to that in the book. 

And a tribute also must go to Renato as the dream Italian chef. Sometimes I like to brag about my meals these days because he cooks them all. Tonight? We had a perfectly executed pizza with cheeses galore, tomato and prosciutto and for desert strawberries with cream and a tiny cream puffs on the side... all served with a chilled wine sparkling wine. I can not complain.

So cin cin to the fellows who make these great things happen! Thank you Renato for my delicious pizza pie and here's to S. George Ullman for his magnificent role in the Valentino story!