Monday, May 30, 2022

Not Where They Belong

I am reposting this letter below in light of the comments on the previous posts. It was shocking for me to at last find the missing Valentino probate case file and then be told the family would not share them "with me or anyone". This, when they are rightfully public property. "Where they belong", is not with the Valentino family but in the archive to which they are assigned. 

So very much information about Rudolph Valentino's business, his personal life, Ullman's performance as executor, and so much more is contained within that file. It is disgusting to me that this shady underbelly in the Valentino world even exists, where the truth about Valentino is hidden away from his public and the narrative controlled according to the various agendas of the collectors and the family. Where they felt safe to lie for decades about Ullman, about Alberto Valentino and much more because they thought no one could fact check what they said. 

I guess they did not understand that when Ullman filed his appeals case, some 1000 pages of that original file was officially copied and waiting for me to find it. 

It has been many years since I first discovered what these people do to manipulate the narrative of Valentino's life. Not much has changed. Except maybe the appearance of a few more people traipsing along, with no moral compass, doing all they can to be accepted as one of the mob. 

Here is my previous post and I did not forge this document. How could I when it is preserved forever on two e-mail servers? The e-mail was sent to me on September 1, 2003 and I printed it out on May 19, 2004. Bill Self did tell me who had the file before it was surrendered to the Alberto Valentino family in exchange for that one shirt. 


Well Valentino collector Bill Self kind of slipped up here in this e-mail. He seldom sent me e-mails and would always call.. to I guess avoid something like this happening. Or did he want this to happen? 

Here (see below) he tells me that the Alberto Valentino spokeswoman Jeanine Villalobos was in receipt of the stolen case file of Valentino's probate court records and has the gall to tell me that this is, "where they belong".

No Bill, those records are public record and belong in the Los Angeles County Hall of Records for all to see. Now Self's e-mail was confirmed of course by Donna Hill when she told me the same and added that Ms. Villalobos exchanged one of Valentino's shirts for the case file.

Bear in mind George Ullman's son the time was terminally ill and wanting to know the truth about his father's tenure as executor which was contained in that case file. Hence why I was trying to find those records for him. Bill Self knew that... and still they hid those records from a dying man. 

In this e-mail, Bill Self told me he waived the purchase of that shipping case/sarcophagus...when in fact I would learn later on, he already owned it.