Saturday, May 14, 2022

They Told the Story

It has been an interesting insight into Rudolph Valentino for me, to know the children and grandchildren of people he chose, admired, trusted and those he affected. I am now convinced you can know someone by knowing their children.

George Ullman's two children were serious, impeccably well-mannered and gracious hosts always. I did change their lives in a way because when I came along they did not really know the details of their father's executorship. Bob Ullman was determined I find the records so they could know the truth. As the truth rolled out, they learned a real truth about the injustice done to their father. They told their father's story with curiosity.  

Frank Mennillo's family were Italian hosts of the highest order; gregarious, very upbeat and fun. They invited me out to eat, entertained me once with a BBQ and bottomless drinks. They put on the dog and I could see that Frank's generosity with Valentino was a family tradition of generosity. They told Frank's story with love and gusto. 

Norma Niblock's children were extremely intelligent in the process. Both were ready with new things to tell me and many times they fine-tuned or expanded on things they told me previously. They really tracked everything well and the book excels for their great desire to tell this story. Sally an engineer, a designer and Roger a military mind certainly made the book magic. They told their mother's story with precision. 

But it speaks well of Rudolph Valentino I think, that all of these families were great people to work with. He was very savvy about character.