Tuesday, March 1, 2022

An Open Letter to Ms. Donna Hill As We Never Forget Administrator

Dear Ms. Hill,

I heard today that a followers' post of their copies of Madam Valentino and Beyond Valentino on your Facebook group was soon deleted. As the group's administrator I have to ask. Were you not a friend of Michael Morris at one point in time? I believed you were also my friend. We actually met, the three of us for a cordial get-together one day in Berkeley.

I told you all about the Ullman materials, so excited and in hind-sight so naive. You told me all about Jim Craig, someone I knew very little about until that day. So all things considered I find it hard to believe that you would not promote Michael's two books and enthusiastically so. Why don't you?

You know I have a hard drive of emails and material exchanged between Michael, myself and Renato as we worked on Beyond Valentino. You know this was his book and always will be. You know how Michael supported our work and you know I was asked by the Father Superior of Michael's Dominican order to have my name as c0-author. Yet you stand by silently while idiots claim we stole his identity after he died. We were instead given legal possession of his entire archive, encouragement to complete his book and we did so as a labor of love out of respect for Michael.

I do not need to post all of the working materials, any sane observer would know the history of the book and respect our integrity. You might be familiar with those who have zero integrity but we stand proud of all our work. You only permit the defamation of Beyond Valentino out of spite. You never told me not to share the information about the Rudy shirt being exchanged for those stolen records.

But I think in hind-sight you might have contacted Terhune to say hey... not right. Those records need to be returned to their rightful public housing and right now. But instead you began a covert campaign to kill the messenger.

And as you so proudly claimed how you were, “instrumental in having our books removed from sale.”

So now you have even the mention of Michael's work removed from your worthless Facebook group which is but an extension of you and Tracy Terhune's giant ego dysfunction imo.

Why would you not be so proud to have once been this great man, Michael Morris' friend?