Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Kabar's Grave

It seems a comment or two or three or ten were fired off my way with the claim,

Didn't Simon Constable's research finally lead to tracking down Kabar's burial place to be at Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park Cemetery, Calabasis, CA?

This was followed by restatements that I should give him credit for his “sleuthing” the location, etc. I replied that was ridiculous as it is a part of the Valentino legend and has been known about for a very long time.

I checked that and the subject of Kabar's grave and the Calabasas pet cemetery has actually been public since, February 3, 1929. This article appeared as a full page feature in the New York Daily News:

It is pointless to list every citation of Kabar's grave's location after this through the years as there are innumerable reports. In 1931, Screen Play Magazine did an article on the pet cemetery and reported on Kabar's grave. In 1935, the photo below of the child at Kabar's grave was in the news. The comments were sent to me as anonymous, so I can not address the person directly....but for the record the many articles about the pet cemetery always include notice of Kabar's grave. It was not Constable's sleuthing or “research”, and not his discovery by a long, long ways.