Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Sourcing My Statement

As a matter of sourcing my comments about David Bret's disgusting treatment of Ms. Judy Lewis when she attempted to defend her father, Clark Gable, from his gross fiction, I post a few excerpts from his posts attacking her... the first two posted on December 18, 2009. I apologize for the offensive nature of this but that is what he does and apologize they are not so easy to read. Bret continues to send me comments under his name which I do not open because he does not get one minute of air time in our home. 

And I excerpt his post made when he learned of her death, on December 1, 2011:


  1. David Bret's comments about Ms. Lewis are indefensible. No one deserves this abuse and let me say from my own experience; if you criticize Bret in any way, you will be called homophobic many times. While he feigns being an activist in this regard, he is homophobic in calling his targets homophobic and misogynistic slurs, perpetuating antiquated homosexual stereotypes and inspiring irrational hatred by wielding the serious subject of homophobia as his personal weapon of choice. He was yelling homophobia at his critics long before I came along and long before Ms. Lewis came along.

  2. Bret is despicable in treating her like that.

  3. No doubt he and his frightening lookalike wife spend their hours convulsed with laughter as they sit on their rotting couch, regaling each other with pornographic tales, trading obscenities and plotting their next toilet bowl adventure together.

  4. I feel I always need a Silkwood shower after I read anything Bret has written. The real shame here is Terhune, Gribbin, and Hill continuing to empower him on their forums. Have you no shame, Enablers?

    1. They could shut it down any time they wish. They encourage it imo.