Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Yes. Some of My Rudy Art.

For a few years I kept up with two Instagram accounts, Affairs Valentino and Beyond Valentino. One being Rudolph and the other Natacha. I began those accounts before the flood of cool time-saving apps appeared. I spent at least an hour or two every morning creating the day's offerings. 

I took a break to work on the book we are about to put out. I could not spend the time on Instagram. But I posted hundreds of Rudy and Natacha creations which I think I can still share. I would not watermark them but if I don't, if I miss even one, Eleanor Gribbin will swoop in and nab it. That is the reality of the watermark. 

It would be great to not have to watermark things and great to have people sharing. But they take credit for my work and boldly so. That is the reality.

I used to think I had the best motifs in the world to work with as far as beauty goes. Who could dispute that? The accounts are still online and I will be back posting there as soon as the new book is out.