Saturday, March 5, 2022


I receive about 15 to 20 hate comments sent to this blog every day from the Valentino "Mainstream", "Legit", Studies Community (as they like to be called now I guess). I read a few words, recognize their hate and then delete. It is not so hard to ignore such dribble, such idiotic trollage and I move on. I post this particular one because it inspired a post. Here it is folks, "Winner of the Stupidest Valentino Studies Community Comment of the Week". 

I think this person's soul is truly laid bare there. What a sad sack.  Why would they waste a moment of their life trolling a blog they hate? Is their life so worthless they have to waste it with such stupidity?

In previous posts I have shown how Tracy Ryan Terhune inspires this stupid behavior in his minions, that signature, yet influential mockery and cruelty. 

When I asked Renato if I should comment on this, he said yes... “We must be present and with pride.”

He is the linguist who blesses Valentino with his hard work and vision. He takes on projects that would be an unthinkable amount of work for a normal person. And he grinds it out day after day with passion. He never hurries and researches words and phrases to meticulously ensure true meanings.

We talk about words and their meanings a lot. Yesterday he explained to me why the word calisthenics was such a beautiful word. Its Greek origin means, “beautiful strength”. Renato speaks and is fascinated by many languages and is a Latin scholar. He is known as a Latin consultant and is extremely serious about his Latin work.

Besides his native tongue of Italian, he speaks English, French and Spanish fluently. He can get by in German and seems to know enough for some conversation in Russian, Arabic and Farsi. What he brings linguistically to the Valentino legacy is remarkable; the work of Jeanne De Recqueville, Baltasar Cue and he translated Affairs Valentino into Italian. He is currently working on two more translations. I find it fabulous that he is making all these publications available to far broader audiences. 

Of course English is not his first language. So when he completes a manuscript in English he passes it to me as he calls it, “to take my English and turn it into English”. With Cue's book, Renato worked with a scholar in Argentina and a professor in Chile who he consulted regarding Baltasar Cue's phrases. We acknowledge them both in the book. The result was a beautiful and accurate translation of which we are all extremely proud. 

Renato has also contributed the Robert Florey translations and almost countless articles from the French and Italian archives which were untouched by Valentino research until he came along. 

I could go on. But I wanted to point out that the above comment for me represented a precise distillation of the demeaning, mocking and ungrateful propaganda being spread by Tracy Terhune and Donna Hill. It is a shockingly bad state of Affairs Valentino when this kind of stupid bullying behavior is accepted by anyone. And shunning is bullying.

I will keep deleting the hate comments,  this evidence of the Valentino Studies Community's extremely stupid behavior. Because it is stupid and a waste of my time to even read a word of it. 

How very much Renato Floris has given to Rudolph Valentino's legacy. And anyone in the Valentino world not recognizing and appreciating his work and beautifully executed, heavy-weight contributions, anyone mocking him... is very sick, very stupid and very propagandized. 

Thank you Renato. Keep up the great work. 

And Kudos to the winner of this week's Stupid Award.