Friday, March 4, 2022

Regarding The True Rudolph Valentino

On a blog which Tracy Terhune has run for more than a decade in tangent with British porn fiction writer David Bret, where their sole intent is to tell the world we are awful, criminal liars and should be hated.... there he hides his malicious intent under the guise of what he calls a“Literary Critique”.

But their viciousness shines through in every line and their grasp of anything “literary” is so weak a newborn baby would have more of a grip.

I guess if someone hits someone over the head repeatedly for ten years with a book, that could be considered a “critique”. But its not funny and not a legitimate critique demonstrating a hint of intelligence.

Terhune allies with David Bret in their trash banter and mocking on that blog and they do so after ever single book we have put out. It is one thing to criticize one book, one a few times, but to do so with every book and never stop for years on end, skulking as predators in wait for a new book from us...that is a pretty sick and sadistic obsession.

Terhune here (see images below) again calls us liars and claims we just made it all up. (Does that not seem rather revealing as far as what they do goes?)

Renato translated, The True Rudolph Valentino by Baltasar Cue and published it for the first time in English. Of course Terhune and Bret were frothing and came at it and Renato for his effort. 

Terhune is pitifully wrong in his millionth attempt to make us look awful, smear our good names, spread his innuendo when he says we claim that Rudy and Cue were collaborating just to fit our "narrative". In trying to portray us as people we are not, he fails. But he is wildly successfully in making himself look ill-informed, petty and cruel. His spitting mad “review” of The True Rudolph Valentino opens with this:

He then follows with this stunning display of ignorance on the entire subject:

David Bret than adds the following to this "review":

I cite as source confirming the collaboration between Valentino and Baltasar Cue, the Doctoral Dissertation of Jeanine Villalobos. I add she says she relied heavily on the Cue book:

Excerpted from the dissertation of J. Villalobos, p. 18:

“Alberto said that Cue was a house guest at Falcon Lair in 1926 and that Rudy was cooperating on the series just before his death, giving Cue access to many personal documents and photographs (some of which are reproduced in the articles). In long California afternoons, Valentino, Manuel Reachi, and Douglas Gerrard (another close friend of the star) shared their reminiscences with Cue. After Valentino's death, Reachi, Gerrard, and Alberto Valentino continued to assist Cue. The articles that resulted from this collaboration are remarkable, offering stories and photographs that had never been published elsewhere. Subsequently, much of Cue's information has been substantiated, and my documents verify even more, which leads me to place a high degree of confidence in Cue's claims.”

Alberto's acknowledgment and support of the collaboration revealed in his letter included in the Cue book:

And the original in Spanish:


  1. Terhune has actually stated that Alberto was so dim and susceptible to manipulation that he didn’t mean what he said in his letter endorsing Cue’s project. Can you imagine! Alberto’s great granddaughter, who actually had a relationship with the man (and has academic credentials), somehow knows less about him than Terhune does? Terhune’s positioning of himself as more reliable on Cue than Villalobos tells anyone who may still be questioning the matter that Terhune is diabolically psychologically disturbed. How “the family” continues to affiliate with him after his colossal diss of their own representative beggars belief.

    1. In condemning Cue as illegitimate Terhune is also implying that the family representative’s dissertation is illegitimate because it relies so heavily upon Cue. Terhune had better zip up his stupid mouth.

  2. Jeanine Villalobos, the great grand niece of Rudolph Valentino, used Baltasar Cue as a source for her dissertation, placing" high confidence in his claims." And, yet, Tracy Terhune said Cue's articles were highly fictionalized? I would love to hear an explanation from 1) Terhune why he thinks Villalobos is lying, and 2) the Valentino family on why they give Terhune any credence at all.

    1. I think their alliances have to be based on who knows what about the other.

    2. Blackmail?

  3. A few months ago, the Cue book came up in discussion on MAtB and Ms. Zumaya's name was mentioned in connection with it.
    A 'newbie' asked "Who's she?" and Sir Constable quickly responded "You don't need to know.".
    That is the height of arrogance. Who is Sir Constable to think that he can just close down conversation about Valentino resources when someone is trying to learn more about him?

    1. The restriction of information is standard behavior of cult mentality. If someone told me that, I would immediately find out all I could about the person. Proves to me that Constable does not care about the history of Valentino despite all of his innuendo machinations. He who told Renato to get lost. He who forbid the mention of our names.

    2. Gribbin is the same way on MAtB. That fellow a few weeks ago who added the Zumaya books to a list of ones that a new member might check out to learn more about Valentino was quickly shut down by Gribbin. He was told in no uncertain terms that Evelyn Zumaya's name was not to be mentioned on HER board and that the administrators (She and Constable) had good reason for that rule. No explanation given for that reason.

  4. I'm still waiting for an explanation but it looks they do not know what to say!
    Are they still waiting for some hint about what to say from the Big Boss?