Friday, March 25, 2022

His Last Rambova Tribute

The e-mail below was sent to me two months before my dear friend Michael Morris passed away. We were trying to get the momentum going to finish the project and I will admit it was something we worked on sporadically until he felt he did not have much time left. In fact when he wrote this e-mail he had two months.

But he had already done so much outreach, set up the contacts, written his essays and had his format worked out. It was just a matter of organization at this point.

To those haters who seem to delight lately in making sick and outrageous claims about Michael and I, I say read this heartfelt message he wrote to me. I represent his archive, his legacy and I am extremely proud of that. I will always do his memory justice. Especially in the face of the "devil's brigade" as he called them.