Sunday, March 13, 2022

Certain Judgment

In regards to a comment I made on a previous post, I clarify I do not judge nuns sharing their marriage to Jesus. I made my comment as an observation about Eleanor Gribbin and Mary O' Bannon and their public "sharing of their marriage to Valentino". I do not judge them if they want to engage in a menage a troi with a man who has been dead for a very long time. I do judge them  because of who they obey. 

I would remind Mary O'Bannon, Eleanor Gribbin, et al, that the person they obey has mocked our deaths repeatedly, name-called my husband a million ways, told the world via the internet I am actually a bully and insane, repeated year after year that I am a trash fan fiction writer and according to Eleanor Gribbin's dutiful parroting, my books are "the ravings of a madwoman".

I personally think these “nuns” are not worshipping Valentino at all, but worshipping Tracy Terhune, their cult leader. Their mawkish adoration of Valentino exists to please him. I know it infuriates them when I say the word cult and lay it out as a cult construct. But you would have to be blind not to see how very many things they truly have going which are by definition, cult behavior. 

i.e., the leader remains reclusive, leader guards the sacred relics, maybe a tomb, a grave. Leader remains reclusive so when he does appear there is an element of surprise and awe. The moment of his presentation of his relics reinforces his position and inspires a religious response. They have "seen the light". 

The leader has a tier of people beneath him and as someone so beautifully laid out in a comment here, he sits a top a pyramid. But every single person beneath him must obey and he must not be questioned... if they do they are gone. That silent threat is ever present in a cult construct. 

In my opinion, I think Eleanor Gribbin and Mary O'Bannon are just advertising Valentino based on his sex appeal to draw in members to please the leader. For me it is somewhat ludicrous to think they are being genuine in that sickening fawning about. I think its fake. It sounds so phony to me. 

Cults are not always people into wearing black robes and having rituals, etc. I think there can sure be psychological cults which is the case here. I just wanted to clarify that I do not judge anyone for being a nun. But in this case I judge who they are obeying. Tracy Terhune is not Jesus and neither was Valentino. 

Thanks for reading and thanks for your spicy and spot-on comments.