Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Live With It

The latest delusion of those bullies who have been stalking, trolling and inspiring hatred of us for years on end... is that they believe themselves the, “Greater Valentino community.” Greater what? Greater abusers? In response to their absurd claim that they just want peace and quiet on their groups so that is why our names and our work can not be mentioned... I say who would ever, ever believe such absurdity?

We have asked only to have our work receive respect and acknowledgement and we have asked, passionately that people not engage in the cyber bullying campaign to silence us, led by Tracy Terhune. 

I have thousands of pieces of evidence of that campaign and share just a tiny sampling of what they actually do contribute as collaborators. No one wants peace and quiet more than Renato and I. That is fact. But honestly, we fight on. We will not be silenced or intimidated and stand proud of our work in every way.

A few examples of the contributions from the "Valentino Greater Community"...to prove my points... My point that they contribute all the possible hate and sickness in the Valentino world today. So if you multiply these few examples below by thousands and realize the time frame for us has been since about 2009.... that is the reality. 

***A few from Terhune's contributions: ( and these are excerpted from his blog and preserved on the server)

***(Below) From Bret/Albertista/Joey/Nicole/ et al. The following are excerpted from personal e-mails he sent to me:

***(Below) From Eleanor Gribbin with Simon Constable/Etienne:

***(Below) From Cindy Martin/Mum/O'Bannon. With Donna Hill sitting right there, saying nothing to correct her about this. It is 100% false and offensive and about as wicked as they come. 

***"Live with it"?? I do not think so.