Sunday, March 27, 2022

Rudolph Valentino, His Noble Ancestry, The Castles & More

Renato Floris writes:

"Was it true nobility? Many aficionados of Valentino ask me if Rodolfo Valentino was really of noble descent and wonder whether the name and title with which he registered on departure from Genoa as "Rodolfo dei Marchesi Guglielmi", was a juvenile boast or a legitimate claim. For many years we have been discussing noble yes or noble no.

The question has been resolved for some time now by the careful research of Aurelio Miccoli, research from which we obtained a podcast interview with him on the subject which is available on Youtube at the link:

(also see below)

In the end we can legitimately say that Rudolph Valentino could claim the titles, "of the Marquises of Valenzina and of the Counts of Antognolla", even if the correct spelling of those titles was, perhaps, lost in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean when on that fateful day in December 1913 , the young Rodolfo Guglielmi approached the land which would give him honors, fame and glory.