Wednesday, March 9, 2022

A Bastard Way to Treat a New Follower

A new follower on Mad About the Boy a while back, asked Simon Constable about the Jeanne De Recqueville biography of Valentino which Renato translated and I edited. The exchange (see below) is sickening to me for several reasons.

One... because Constable deters a new follower on Mad About the Boy from even mentioning the book at all. This when I believe anyone interested sincerely in Valentino should own and know De Recqueville's book. It is unique in many ways and has been cited as a source in every Valentino biography. Renato made it available in English for the first time. is shocking Constable would ban any mention of the book and accuse the follower of “promoting” the book as if that was a sin.

Three... he is so rude to the person, it is hard to even read. What a bastard way to treat a new follower. Demanding a thank-you?

I post these two excerpts of the exchange about us and one of our books on Mad About the Boy, to show the moral fiber of Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget, the history of their censoring there and as proof they are doing exactly what I claim. And to call them out for having zero real interest in Valentino. Valentino for the “Valentino Studies Community” is a fantasy game... like fantasy football.

And here follows, Constable censoring some literature on Valentino (cult behavior) to a new follower and threatening their deletion from the group: