Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Regarding the Most Miserably Jealous One

Well this little monster (here follows) came in just now and I pondered whether to just toss it or address it. Going with the latter.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "To Those "Miserably Jealous" Ones...":

Yes, Zumaya and Floris are serious.....about their bottom line making money off of Valentino's dead body. The books are careless and slipshod. Poorly written and edited with invented sources and a clear agenda to make Valentino seem as awful a human being as possible.
This is why no legit publishing house will touch them and they had to invent a vanity press.

If the stupidity above followed, then anyone writing about, say Abraham Lincoln or George Washington, anyone writing historically about an historical figure...are they making money of their subject's “dead body”? 

And we did not create our own “vanity press”, we were forced into being creative in 2011. You see Terhune and Bret so trashed my online presence by then, before Affairs Valentino was even written...there was no hope. When Affairs Valentino came out, they swarmed it so badly I took it out of print out of fear.

So Renato and I got creative and figured out a way to have the book in print and available without the possibility of having people like this (above) exact their malicious attempts to silence us. We are proud of how we figured that out. It was not such a simple thing to do.

But to the author of this hideous comment I say this: I am seriously sorry for you because it must feel awful to be so angry all the time. And at people you have never met, do not know personally. You are programmed to hate us irrationally and no doubt a graduate of the Terhune school of hatred. You have all his familiar and tired old talking points. If you are not him, then imo you should really be worried. 

We are doing nothing to you, whoever you are. If you do not like our books, do not read them. But no need to file your hate our way. Chill out, take a walk, buy yourself a healthy smoothie, pat a dog. 

And fyi, I have never invented a single source in my life. I do not have to. Isn't that amazing? My citations and sources are all absolutely real and genuine. Maybe if you spent less time in such a bilious snit, and more time checking my sources you would see that it is all true. I am sorry for your extreme anguish and suffering. You seem to be the most miserably jealous of them all.

And sign your name to such an assault. Dare to be you when you hit someone and not “Mr. Throw the Stone and Hide the Hand.” Where I come from we call that being chicken shit.