Friday, March 11, 2022

Enough Already

A friend of mine found the following on a forum called, "The Data Lounge". They wanted me to see something that was posted there a couple of days ago. Sounds all so familiar but the person who posted this (below), included the link to this blog. One guess who this might be. I am not including the link, because I am not so sure the site is safe and the entire thread this was on was pretty obscene. Here follows:

"The fans are very territorial about him. If someone has written an article or a vanity press book then they claim they are "experts" in the world of "Valentino studies" and have written the final word on him. There's an old 70 something Frau in Turin, Italy who has written what basically is Valentino fan fiction. She claims to be THE authoritative biographer of Rudy. Her husband (also in his 70's) is a former Italian T.V. child star who serves as her publisher. She claims in her books, her blog and on her YouTube channel that other Valentino authors persecute her and that her life is in danger because of their jealousy. She says she has had to go into hiding from Rudy's gay fans because of the "revelations" in her books about Valentino being strictly heterosexual. Her public blog AFFAIRS VALENTINO is one long thread of paranoid delusions and venom toward other Valentino writers. Rudy's gay fans refer to her as "The Madwoman of Turin".

The guy's been dead for 95 years. You can't make this stuff up!"

Well I am sure all fans of Valentino who are gay, including my friends, do not think of me as insane. What extreme hypocrisy to mock my claim other authors "persecute" me, when this is exactly what they are doing here. Loading the internet with their lies and defamation is persecution.