Tuesday, March 22, 2022

To Those "Miserably Jealous" Ones...

To those "miserably jealous" ones....as a commentator just called them, I defend Renato and I and our work for the one millionth time with the following. When I posted the collages of the cover images of our books, I received a comment within three minutes. In reference to our books it said, "...and not one of them worth the paper they are printed on". 

Well we do use expensive paper and print only in full color, but the content is still worth far more than the paper. But that comment, which I did not post, was so extremely bitter. It screamed bitter jealousy. How could anyone be that bitter? Maybe someone who has lost all, realizes they lied one too many times and their charade has been exposed. 

Maybe they grew that bitter having locked themselves into those two awful Facebook groups, ignoring facts to drive their egos and agendas and to please the leader. 

Our books are about content and in that I feel we deliver. I expose the administrators of Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget for their disgusting remarks about us and hope that every single member runs for the exit. And inre to Loretta Young and Clark Gable's love affair and love child Judy Lewis, she wrote me a letter I cherish. Shortly before she passed away. I did not read the post made today but I hope it was pointed out that David Bret tortured her for standing up for her father and mother and she denounced his biography on Clark Gable as total sordid fiction. When she died, Bret celebrated. She and I shared something in common once upon a time and it was not pretty. 

I found this snippet (below) and thought I would not watermark it and pass it on to those over there in Valentino Flat World who might appreciate it.  Maybe Eleanor Gribbin could use it to ignite one of those evening VSC odes to Rudy.