Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Touched By The Hand of Rudolph Valentino

The other day someone asked Renato how we came to produce books on Valentino and Rambova. I was there and waited for his answer. He took a little while and said, “It's a spell.”

It is a spell. Imo a love spell. We do not so often put our personal life out there. And I think you all can see what happens if I mention a thing.

But Renato saw what pain I was in trying to survive Terhune and Bret and find some way to have the books be unharmed. He acted. He set up a publishing business in Italy and researched what he deemed to be the best print-on-demand service. He bought all the software, taught himself the technical aspects and started making my books. It was complicated and setting up a business in Italy is expensive and wildly involved.

That is a love spell. I think it shows in all the books we do, some to more of a degree than others. As corny as it sounds, our books are created from our love. That is the Valentino spell that came down for us.

We always respect how we met. In that mystical Mole, over Valentino, with Michael so excited about it all. Little could I have imagined then what the next decade of my life would hold.

I would say the next book is a tangible product of the love spell. Podcast is written, running an index and not more than two weeks away. Al fin! Thank you Michael for the love spell. Thank you for taking me to Turin to meet Renato.