Tuesday, February 1, 2022

They Are Not Funny

Just an FYI... Tracy Ryan Terhune supports David Bret, he who posted this image below as my obituary online. Imagine having your friends and loved ones find this in your Google search. Mine did.  

Tracy Terhune, on his malicious bully blog he runs under my book's title,  provides the platform for David Bret's hatred, posted as comments on a blog he pretends to be a "Literary Critique". It is a hit blog with a ten year history of stupid and sickening attacks on us...created to inflict as much pain on me and my husband as possible. That is obvious to anyone. 

They are not funny and I think they deserve no further support or respect. As long as Tracy Terhune allows Bret to carry on there it is a partnership from hell. Tracy Terhune and David Bret... imo two of the most cruel people on earth... and this image below is one of hundreds of pieces of evidence which is now public record. Anyone can request a copy in person in the Court of Asti in Italy. It was submitted as evidence in the lawsuit I filed v. Bret which I won. But as he knows now, hatred can be expensive. 

I wrote a book they did not like. Can you imagine?