Friday, February 18, 2022

Adoration and Then Some

I always loved seeing Natacha with her hair down. Rare photos where she leaves her mane free and it is really a different look for her. I have done many treatments of this image of her (see below) and shared them on my Beyond Valentino Instagram page. I used to spend a couple of hours a day playing around with frames and images and that was just before many apps came out to make it all easy. Natacha in her goddess stance.

 True love personified in this image. I like to think this is Little Chucky, the Peke Rudy gave her for Christmas. She could not look more maternal here as far as the pupper goes. And he seems really adoring. Adoration and then some.


  1. A woman's hair will tell you a lot about her character. I think Natacha's long hair represented how she felt about herself at the time. Two braids neatly coiled on the sides for her public appearances, but letting it hang long and loose when she was relaxed, behind closed doors, or caught unaware. When she finally cut it, she was cutting the past from her life and embracing a new invention of herself. I agree with Evelyn. I love the few photos with her hair loose and free.

  2. Have you ever noticed that Natacha rarely ever looks directly into the
    camera? She is either looking down or she is gazing off to one side

  3. This photo says it all. How they seem to adore each other.