Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The Truth

From time to time I like to post inspirational words from my friend and mentor Michael Morris. We enjoyed fifteen years of lively exchange and a great deal of it by e-mail. I would at some point like to publish some of the correspondence because I think it would be interesting to those sincerely interested in Valentino and Rambova.

Michael left his legacy in my hands and that is something I have and always will take seriously. I was granted legal custody of his archive and finished his last book as a labor of great respect for his final work. Below one e-mail from Michael, sent during his last weeks of life as we collaborated on Beyond Valentino and in which he states his intentions regarding his archive. 

I was honored to have been his friend and have his support and we did collaborate on many projects, including our trip to Turin in 2009 where he introduced me to his good friend Renato!


  1. What a breath of fresh air and intelligence Michael Morris was! He was head and shoulders about them all - Leider, Hill, Terhune, the family, all of them. The fact that he was Zumaya’s collaborator and promoter speaks volumes.

    1. He was! He paid a price for openly supporting me, taking me to Turin because he believed in my work. Bret attacked him in the most disgusting ways and as soon as he heard Michael had passed away he launched a few days of the most revolting attacks ever on him. One of Michael's doctoral students took Bret on and fought for Michael. This happening at the same time Tracy Terhune was busy providing Bret with a mighty platform on that bully blog. I have no interest in ever affiliating with these people, I boycott everything they do as a result of their deplorable actions and consider them all the low life of the Valentino community. Michael did not care what they had to say about his supporting me. Daring man.

  2. Michael Morris was a wise man. "Don't bother to resend me Bret's ravings. I really don't think anybody reads his crap except his handful of depraved friends."
    Excellent observation!
    "You are the true heroine of Valentino research and that fact cannot be taken away from you, no matter how many people were upset by the TRUTH."
    Let the dogs bark as your caravan moves on.

  3. Michael pinpointed the perfectly precise words to describe Bret’s output (crap) and his affiliates (depraved friends)! Bravo!

  4. Brave man , sounds like someone I would like to have met. He stood up to the devils brigade for you.