Friday, February 11, 2022

From Renato:

It is useless for me to extend my opinions or give a grade to Eleanor Gribbin and Mary O'Bannon because imo they could only earn an A for arrogance, immodesty, presumption and above all, ignorance.

I say this and I confirm it for the simple reason that I am so proud of the value of my and Evelyn's research. Research which gave a good sweep of the broom to certain myths passed off as history. I believe myths detract from historical reality and supporting them shows a lack of intelligence, of independent judgment and intellectual honesty.

Here and now for Eleanor Gribbin and Mary O'Bannon, who pretended in their group to not know of the existence of or content of Michael Morris' last book, Beyond Valentino, I present and recollect one of their groups “discoveries”.

Within the lines of their Mad About the Boy, appeared Simon Constable, who was posting the photos of pages directly from Astral Affairs Rambova and telling members of that group he discovered Cassio and Natacha's lost movie, Who Am I? These were all Evelyn's discoveries. Simon Constable was taking credit for Evelyn's discovery of Cassio with Eleanor Gribbin's sanction as she administrated the group. He bragged about Evelyn's discovery as if it was his and without giving her any credit.

The only position to assume in the face of such people who believe they are scholars can only be described, by one word from the philosophers of the cynical school in ancient Greece:

They would say, ἐποχή or "epochē", which means "suspension of judgment” because these so-calleds have nothing to judge because they have nothing substantial to say or teach, so ἐποχή!

Take a look inside Beyond Valentino Ms. Gribbin and Ms. O'Martin so maybe you can get a better grade in nicer topics.