Saturday, February 12, 2022

On the Subject of Acrimony and Valentino

I can not pin point exactly when the acrimony in the Valentino world began, because when I ran head first into it, it was already a full blown reality. Lines had been drawn and the drama was high. And this was in 2003. And let me say I am not the first person to have to face the direct acrimonious firing line but I sure do hope I will be the last.

I have spoken about this before but I believe the acrimony is sustained by and was generated 100% by a few very insecure people who have positioned themselves in some envisioned forefront of Valentino knowledge and made this their entire identity. Add to this the fact that these few people are really total asses. They are not nice people at all so they have no problem morally with being horrible.

What an acrimonious stink they put up over poor Rudy Valentino. They are just in a huff every second. Well when I came along so excited to share my discoveries, there needed to be no acrimony. We could have all shared and been fascinated. A discussion could have been had. But what I met was pure acrimony, in the form of Tracy Terhune. I am sure that is hardly breaking news to anyone. 

Everything that has been slung my way this past week, was imo generated by him. What a run he has had since that first outing against me back in 2003. And when Affairs Valentino came out in 2011, he had to work overtime and then some to get me. He had to be extra bad.

That level of hate is very contagious and only a saint could not react in kind. But I try my best...and do well because I have an incredible, magical life full of love and fascinating people. I am surrounded by my gorgeous husband Renato, my family and I feel comfortable and secure. I resist the hateful acrimony and choose to overcome their evil with my art.

On that subject, I can say just wow I can not wait until my next book is out. Very excited. That is the best response to their Terhune inspired acrimony. I pity them or anyone who lives such a hateful life. Please do not mistake my responses and self-defense here as acrimony. I have no choice but to respond. 

And I will not be posting comments which are just provocations and insults. Why would I? And I think they both know who I am talking about. Oh, the acrimony!