Friday, February 4, 2022

Renato Comments:

To define exactly what it was that prompted Tracy Ryan Terhune to disguise his trivial trumpeting as "literary critique", on what was Evelyn's original blog, I start from the beginning and see what “Literary Criticism” really means.

I cite the definition from the site: Definition ofCritique

“Critique is a literary technique that means to critically evaluate a piece of literary work, or a political or philosophical theory in detail. A critique could be a critical essay, an article evaluating a literary piece, or a review. It may be just like a summary that identifies the central issue, raises questions, takes notice of theoretical and experimental approaches, and reviews the significance of the results. Apart from that, its purpose is to highlight both the shortcomings as well as strengths of a literary piece or a work of art. Moreover, critical evaluation or assessment requires sufficient knowledge about the subject matter.”

Tracy Ryan Terhune uses a different method than “literary critique” and it is one called “Proofreading”.

I cite the definition of Proofreading from the University of Wisconsin site:

"Proofreading means examining your text carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling."

This is what Tracy Ryan Terhune does and in a way to demean the value of our work. I realize that in some, very few, parts of our books there are some trivial errors, errors that would not exist if we had the support of a skilled proofreader. This is something we wish we could do but because Tracy Ryan Terhune, with his trenchant determination to ruin us, we are prevented in doing so.

3,839 days have passed since Tracy Ryan Terhune opened Evelyn's blog which he immediately turned into a weapon of destruction by diverting the research of honest readers from our documented discoveries.

The image of those books on shelves on the blog denies the history of his years of posts there, where he continues in this malevolent action only trying to smear us. He gives a thumbs down to our book The Rudolph Valentino Case Files on a blog which has been full of images of toilets, satan and lakes of fire, by pointing out typographical errors and insignificant details which by definition has absolutely nothing to do with a literary critique. Posting such a “proof reading” on that specific blog is biased and his purpose is only to further damage our work and bury our books. He does nothing to affect the honest and groundbreaking contents of the research carried out by us.