Friday, February 18, 2022

Avoiding the Stones

More insight into who Natacha Rambova really was. This letter (below) was written from her cousin Ann to Michael Morris. And in regards to those people Ann calls, “cowards and jackals who make their living picking at the bones of the dead,” I believe we know who they are today. I continue to stand in amazement that Ms. Gribbin and O'Martin feign not being cowards and jackals. This because they allow smears and innuendo about Michael Morris' posthumous book to be posted on their Rambova groups while claiming to be doing something admirable. Hardly.

Those who officially spend their days bullying us, fool no one with their Rambova scratchings in the dirt. They are cult acolytes doing their best to please the master and as Ann Wollen wrote, “Their phantasies and lies do not represent her or her work in any way.”