Friday, February 18, 2022

Avoiding the Stones

More insight into who Natacha Rambova really was. This letter (below) was written from her cousin Ann to Michael Morris. And in regards to those people Ann calls, “cowards and jackals who make their living picking at the bones of the dead,” I believe we know who they are today. I continue to stand in amazement that Ms. Gribbin and O'Martin feign not being cowards and jackals. This because they allow smears and innuendo about Michael Morris' posthumous book to be posted on their Rambova groups while claiming to be doing something admirable. Hardly.

Those who officially spend their days bullying us, fool no one with their Rambova scratchings in the dirt. They are cult acolytes doing their best to please the master and as Ann Wollen wrote, “Their phantasies and lies do not represent her or her work in any way.”


  1. "Nothing like a good chinwag, as Natacha would say, to filter out the trivial in order to pursue the better paths."
    Here's to good chinwags that lead to those better paths. The Valentino world needs a good filtering of the trivial. Madame Valentino was a very astute woman.

  2. Your sharing of these jewels from Michael’s archive makes it abundantly clear that he and his hand chosen and cherished colleagues/collaborators, Evelyn and Renato, were/are the ONLY people doing meaningful, intelligent work on Rambova and Valentino! You just keep going! Your detractors are awful, hollow forum performers in search of nothing but self aggrandizement. They are beneath you. Chief among them is S.T. Constable, who now, in his 226th attempt at relevance and reinvention, calls himself “His Fame Still Lives!” Sir C has posted a fresh and provocative analysis of Valentino’s formative experiences in Monte Carlo. Only problem is, he has no research to analyze, That doesn’t stop our braggadocious poser however! Instead, he finds a book of fiction about Monte Carlo written by a romance novelist roughly during the period Valentino allegedly travelled there, and uses the text as a stand in for what Valentino must have experienced. This is as vacuous and lazy as it is intellectually dishonest. Sir C’s magnum opus was dead on arrival even with the forum lemmings however, and not a peep of response was uttered. If deafening silence is unable to persuade you Sir C. that your “work” should quietly be turned out to pasture at this point, nothing will. But, as I am a gentleman of compassion, I urge you to do exactly this, for your dignity and your peace of mind.

  3. Maybe Sir C can use Huckleberry Finn to describe Valentino's rafting adventures on the Mississippi.

  4. The phrase "Your sharing of these jewels from Michael’s archive..". at 4:16 is already making the rounds of those of the so-called 'Valentino community'. They pick at anything!

    1. Can you be more specific as to the exact location where this phrase is being "picked at?"