Saturday, February 12, 2022

All Unread

A public service announcement: this (below) is what online harassment looks like. I share a screenshot from an endless scroll of unread comments sent to me for posting on my blog by David Bret. I thought I would suggest to him that he find another daily occupation, because they are falling on deaf ears as the expression goes and maybe not waste his time firing off his hateful screed v. me.



  1. Talk about obsession! I wonder if it takes this much harassment before Terhune posts Bret's comments on his blog.

  2. Bret is driven a suffocating self loathing that is renewed every time he looks in the mirror. One shudders to imagine the mocking and bullying he doubtlessly endured in the bleak schoolyards of his blighted UK childhood. His adult life is a perpetual quest for vengeance.

  3. Total waste of time on his part.

  4. only compassion for so much pathetism, sorry that the poor man is suffering so much, he needs urgent help.

    1. I suppose even rabid dogs deserve a little pity.