Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Their Harmony

The aesthetic of Natacha Rambova and Rudolph Valentino is astounding. What they accomplished in their few years together changed fashion, influenced hair styles, home d├ęcor, pets to own, turbans to wear and art to hang on your walls. How many people decided they needed a few Pekinese puppies after admiring Natacha with her adorable little pack? How many people bought silken robes, and followed directions to figure out how to wear a turban? Rudy and Natacha had a compatible aesthetic which made every one of their public appearances iconic. I think Michael Morris had some great words on this in Beyond Valentino. Words I share:

"Of all her lovers, Natacha Rambova exercised her greatest influence on silent film icon Rudolph Valentino. She would transform him from the mustachioed villain of his earliest films, prior to their meeting in 1920, into the pomaded leading man he became. Natacha's influence over Valentino catapulted him into the paragon of style and costumed elegance thereby defining his legacy and ensuring his role as a Hollywood icon."

It is so widely known how young men emulated Valentino's every fashion nuance, but it was also so true of Natacha. This image is certainly dynamic as testimony to their harmony on so many levels. How homogeneous they were. Exotics!