Monday, February 14, 2022

The Year of the Goat

Born in 1895? Then Valentino would be the Goat in Chinese astrology. This particular overview seems to fit like a glove.

"Chinese Goat zodiac: 

It’s almost impossible to deny the request of person, born in the year of Goat. He always knows for sure what to say and do to reach his goal. At the same time Goat is never planning his future or working an angle, he just likes people and inspires people to help him.


Goat likes to listen more than talk, and many of his friends appreciate this. He’s really interested in his friends’ plans and how they are doing. Goat often asks friends for advice and can show them his gratitude.

Love and Relationships:

Goat is not a loner and needs people around him and someone who will love him and give him support. Goat does not hide his emotions and sometimes he needs a soulmate.


It does not mean that Goat has a good character - sometimes he can be late, forgets about time, can be capricious and picky. 

His wavering and doubts can get a rise out of anybody, but most of the time Goat is positive and will cheer you up. 


Goat can spend more money than he makes. It’s hard to profit from his talents. Understanding that, Goat prefers not to work at supervisory posts. Only when it’s not necessary they make decisions, can the Goat work efficiently and relax.

They are talented, with a compassionate heart. Goat is like a child. It seems like he’s asking too much from others, but when you look closer – you’ll see, that he’s giving more than he receives."


  1. I definitely believe Valentino inspired people to help him, especially women.

  2. GOAT = Greatest Of All Time

  3. Not sure about Valentino preferring to listen rather than talk. Didn’t Florey go on about his penchant for talking about himself? And I believe in Leider’s Dark Lover, there is a passage about one Jean de Limur (another French artiste expat living in LA), who complained that Valentino spoke about himself too much.

  4. Did Rudy ever show an interest in astrology?

    1. Rudy and Natacha were followers of Madame Blavatsky and would have been aware of Astrology and Theosophy. I did read that they went to seances and palm readers. After he died Natacha had seances to contact Rudy.Theosophists follow real astrology. Not the type in the weekly newspapers that just go by sun signs.

    2. Yes, I wrote in detail about that in my book, Astral Affairs Rambova and included the transcripts of all of the seances Natacha held after Rudy's death. I found them fascinating.

    3. I will get the book. Thanks!

    4. Great! I know some people see the "Revelations" (the seance transcripts) as being ridiculous, but I found them historically fascinating. I admit I had to read them a few times to warm up to them. But it still speaks a great deal about Natacha that she never changed her mind about those transcripts. She stood by her belief Rudy came to her after his death and just before. I also had access to the archive and the autobiography of the medium she was close to then and his first-hand accounts of Natacha at the chateau during those days before and after Rudy's death are riveting.

  5. I wonder what Alberto’s birth year was and also the flying monkey cult too! Lol

  6. I regret that I missed an opportunity to mention those running a particular cult who were born during the Year of the Baboon!